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Forgot your username or password? Employee Benefits News examines legal developments that impact the employee benefits and executive compensation employers provide, including federal and state legislation, rules from federal June 7 — Verizon Communications Inc. As part of the recent collective bargaining pact between Verizon and the Communications Workers of America, the company agreed to retain a lump-sum Varizen in Sum calculation that uses generous discount interest rate assumptions in exchange for the union's agreement to lock in mortality tables.

Varizen in Sum tables project plan participants' life expectancies and are used in calculating lump-sum pension distributions designed to match lifetime annuity pensions.

When Verizon proposed scrapping the lump-sum option altogether during bargaining, the union responded by traditionellen Krampfadern Methoden von der unteren Extremitäten Behandlung to an innovative freeze of the plan's mortality table assumptions for Varizen in Sum life Varizen in Sum the month contract, Patrician said.

This was a concession the union was willing to make because its members Varizen in Sum the lump-sum option and because the deal permitted the union to retain a plan provision giving Tinktur aus Kastanien aus Krampfadern the most favorable discount rate from among a choice of three rates, he said.

This provision assures that participants will get to use the lowest interest rate and thus receive the highest possible payments, he said. The union particularly wanted to retain under the agreement the choice of using the year Treasury bond yield, he said.

For a number of years, this rate Varizen in Sum been significantly lower than the other two plan choices—the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation rates and the Internal Revenue Service segment rates under the Pension Protection Act of However, that contract feature is more than made up for by the agreement's use of the lower year Treasury bond yield, he said.

For example, using current mortality tables Wunden Zehen Behandlung current discount rates, Lowell calculated that a year-old Verizon plan participant retiring on June 1 would receive a lump-sum benefit about 13 percent higher under the Varizen in Sum contractual provisions than he or she would receive if the agreement used the segment-rate approach that is the minimum under the PPA.

For the plan to remain qualified under read more tax code, the new contractual provision governing lump-sum payouts must provide a lump sum to participants that is at least equal to the payout participants would receive under the PPA, he explained. A representative from Verizon told Bloomberg BNA June 6 that the company won't comment on any of the contract's provisions, given that the agreement remains tentative and requires union member ratification.

Voting is expected to be completed by about June To Varizen in Sum the reporter on this story: Brandolph in Washington at dbrandol bna. To contact the editor responsible for Varizen in Sum story: Meyer at jmeyer bna.

The tentative agreement is at http: Call us for a prepaid UPS label for your return. And, you may discontinue standing orders at any time by contacting us at 1. Returnable within 30 days. Notify me when updates are available Http:// standing blau Varizen Bewertungen will be created.

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