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It is the third-largest city in Siberia after Novosibirsk and Omskwith a population of 1, as of the Census. The city is notable for its nature landscapes; author Anton Chekhov judged Krasnoyarsk to be the most beautiful city in Siberia.

The Yenisei River flows from west to east through the city. There are several islands in Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk river, the largest of which are Tatyshev and Otdyha Isles, used mainly for recreation.

The most prominent Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk them are Nikolayevskaya Sopka notable for its ski jumping tracksKaraulnaya Gora, and Chornaya Sopka, the latter being an extinct volcano. The major rivers Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk and near Krasnoyarsk are the YeniseiManaBazaikha Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk, and Kacha Riversthe latter flowing throughout the historical center of the city.

Due Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk the nature of the terrain, a few natural lakes exist in the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk. The forests close to the city are mostly pine and birch ; further afield, aspen becomes Antikoagulans Thrombophlebitis in many areas.

The moss-covered fir and Siberian pine replaces other wood in the mountains westward of the Karaulnaya Riverin about 15 kilometers 9. Along with Kansk to the east, it represented the southern limit of Russian expansion in the Yenisei basin during the seventeenth century. In the letter to Tsar Michael Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk the Cossacks reported:. The fort was named Krasny Yar Russian: An intensive growth of Krasnoyarsk began with the arrival of the Siberian Route the road M53 nowadays in to which connected the nearby towns of Achinsk and Kansk with Krasnoyarsk and with the rest of Russia.

It was excavated by Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk Simon Pallas in and transported to Krasnoyarsk and subsequently to St. The Krasnoyarsk meteorite is important because it was the first pallasite ever studied and the first meteorite ever etched. The name Krasnoyarsk was given in when the village of Krasny Yar was granted town status [ citation needed ] and became Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk administrative center of Yeniseysk Governorate. In the 19th century, Krasnoyarsk was the center of the Siberian Cossack movement.

By the end of the 19th century, Krasnoyarsk had several manufacturing Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk and railroad workshops and an engine-house. Growth continued with the discovery of gold and the arrival of a railroad in Http:// the Russian EmpireKrasnoyarsk was one of the places to which political exiles Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk banished.

For example, eight Decembrists were deported from St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk after the failure of the revolt. After the Russian Revolution ofduring the periods of centralized planning Five Year Plans numerous large plants and factories were constructed in Krasnoyarsk: Sibtyazhmashthe dock yard Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk, the paper factorythe hydroelectric power station now the fifth largest in Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk world Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk the second in Russiaand the river port.

Visit web pageKrasnoyarsk Kraiwas formed, with Krasnoyarsk as its administrative center. During Stalinist times, Krasnoyarsk was a major center of Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk gulag system.

During World War II, dozens of factories were evacuated from Ukraine and Western Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk to Krasnoyarsk and nearby towns, stimulating the industrial Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk of the city.

After the war additional large plants were constructed: Beginning inthe United States demanded its removal, until the Soviet Union admitted the radar station was Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk violation Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk Equipment was removed from the site and by Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk was officially declared to be dismantled, though the equipment from the site was likely relocated to a new site near Komsomolsk-na-Amure.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and beginning of Varizen Betrieb KrasnoyarskVarizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk large plants and factories, such as the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plantbecame owned by alleged criminal authorities and oligarchswhile others were declared bankrupt. The economic transition resulted in a dramatic rise in unemployment and numerous strikes. The best known financial scandal of the second half of s happened when ownership of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant by a known Krasnoyarsk businessman Anatoliy Bykov had been canceled after he was accused of murdering his partner, Vilor Struganov.

The accusation eventually turned out to be false. Since the election of Pyotr Pimashkov as the mayor of Krasnoyarsk inthe appearance of the city gradually improved: Now the majority of the city keeps only a few traces of its former, drab, post-collapse look. Krasnoyarsk is the administrative center of the krai. Krasnoyarsk experiences a humid continental climate Köppen climate classification Dfb.

Its climate in July and January is very similar to that of Fort McMurray and Winnipeg in Canada, the latter Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk which is a good deal further geographically.

Compared to Thompson, Manitobaor Labrador City at a similar latitudes, Krasnoyarsk's winters are relatively mild. Compared to European cities on a similar latitude, Krasnoyarsk has much warmer summers, but much colder and longer winters for example, AalborgDenmark.

Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk summer is also on average warmer than similar inland latitudes of Scandinaviaowing to Siberia 's greater Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk. Very few major cities on earth have higher differentials summer and winter temperatures than Krasnoyarsk.

The population count by year: Population count by districts Census: The population of Krasnoyarsk includes a number of peoples, the most read article are RussiansUkrainiansTatarsGermansand Belarusians. Lately the number of TajiksUzbeks and other Central Asian and Bewertungen Chinese Salbe Krampfadern aus peoples has grown extensively because of the vast, often illegal immigration in search for work.

Another populous Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk group is the Chinese who, unlike other foreign workersare employed in much more lucrative areas and often form business partnerships with local companies. There are a number of historical buildings in Krasnoyarsk, the oldest of them being Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk Intercession Cathedral Russian: Other locally significant samples of Russian Orthodox architecture are the Annunciation Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk Russian: On the top of the Karaulnaya Hill, originally a pagan shrine, later occupied by the Krasnoyarsk fort watchtower, the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapelrebuilt still stands.

The chapel, displayed on the ruble note, is one of the iconic images of the city. The chapel was abandoned and fell into disrepair during the Soviet era and only when Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk came was it regained by the Yenisei bishopric.

Another unofficial symbol of Krasnoyarsk is the incomplete story tower located at Strelka. Construction of the tower had been started just before Perestroyka and then frozen Foto Krampfadern bei Frauen to the administrative crisis. The outline of the tower is clearly seen from many places in the city. This Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk, one of the longest at the time, was constructed between and Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk an award-winning design by Lavr Proskuryakov.

When approved for the inscription on the World Heritage List inthe bridge was described by the UNESCO as "an early representation of a typical Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk polygonal truss bridge in Russia" which became "a testing ground for the application of engineering theories and the development of new innovative solutions, which had Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk successors" [1] [ permanent dead link ].

Among other notable buildings are the mansions of the merchant Nikolay Gadalov beginning of the 20th centurythe Roman Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk Transfiguration Chapel Russian: There are a number of two-story wooden houses in the city built mostly in the middle of the 20th century as temporary habitations.

Many urbanized villages located inside the city keep the remnants of the traditional Russian village architecture: There Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk a number of Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk holidays celebrated annually in Krasnoyarsk.

The most significant holiday is the Day of the City celebrated in June, usually with a carnival. Other holidays and cultural events are the Mana Festival Russian: Krasnoyarsk has a number of local television companies and the highly developed telecommunicationsmany Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk of the city have LAN Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk broadband Internet access.

The city is also home to the Krasnoyarsk Children's Choira Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk choir that tours in many countries as The Little Eagles of Siberia. Next to NovosibirskKrasnoyarsk is a prominent scientific and educational center of Siberiawith over 30 higher education facilities, many of which are the branches of the Russian Academy of Scienceand about high schools. The Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk notable higher education institutes are:.

Like NovosibirskKrasnoyarsk has a special city district called Akademgorodok "Academic Town"where several scientific research institutes Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk located. Krasnoyarsk's Institute of Biophysics Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk known for a — experiment on ecological isolation of human beings the " This web page Experiment ".

Sukachev Institute of Forestfounded in at Moscow and relocated to Krasnoyarsk in There are several museums in Krasnoyarsk. Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk is the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museumcontaining historical items and exhibits of the region, including ancient history, native Siberians, and woolly rhinos. An underground system three lines has been in planning and construction phases in Krasnoyarsk for decades. The first three stations have not been opened yet, but several construction sites around the city are The date of the opening is uncertain, as works on the system have been stopped since Krasnoyarsk lies on the Yenisei River and historically has been an important junction on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Krasnoyarsk-Passenger is the main railway station of Krasnoyarsk. Long range trains of Trans-Siberian Railway stop at this station. There are some stations served by Elektrichka and there is Krasnoyarsk-East goods station Krasnoyarsk was served by two airports: Cheremshanka has lost its eminent role as the main base airport for an extensive network of local air services MVL in Krasnoyarsk Region formerly served by the local Aeroflot Krasnoyarsk Directorate. In December a fire broke out at the Cheremshanka airport which destroyed the terminal building and the air traffic control tower.

Stolby is also a major rock climbing location. Many local climbers intentionally do not use any belaying equipment and call their extreme sport stolbizmknown elsewhere as solo climbing. Other popular showplaces include the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station dam, Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk Karaulnaya Gora hill with the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapelmuseums, theaters, etc.

Krasnoyarsk is a center of Siberian sports. Areas where Krasnoyarsk excels compared to other Russian cities include rugby Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk, bandy, and freestyle wrestling. Yenisey was the Soviet bandy champions every year in the s as well as in The first Russian title came in In they became champions of the Bandy Super League and had the see more average attendance, 5 The city is considered a stronghold of rugby union in Russia, to the extent that the Rugby Union of Russia was headquartered Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk for many years.

Matches take precedence in the local media, and the city derby match can attract crowds of about - Many players of the Russian national rugby team hail Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk the Varizen Betrieb Krasnoyarsk. Some of Russia's international rugby matches are played at the Central Stadium.

Carolina Hurricanes left winger Alexander Semin is from Krasnoyarsk. The Winter Universiade will be hosted by Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk is twinned with the following cities:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Krasnoyarsk Krai (Красноя́рский край) is a vast, sparsely populated region in Siberia about three and a half times the size of Texas, comprising 13% of Russia's territory.
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